Below is a collection of downloadable articles (in Adobe PDF format) from Shareholder Value Advisors:

Knowledge Group webinar presentationKnowledge Group WebinarMarch 2024
Why has academic research had so little impact on U.S. executive pay practice?Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceSummer 2023
Employee Value Added – A new Measure of Gain Sharing between Labor and CapitalJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceSpring 2022
What Public Companies Can Learn from Private Equity PayJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceSummer 2020
Using EVA to Measure Management’s Contribution to Value – A Missed Opportunity at ISSSSRN 3500538December 2019
Why EVA Bonus Plans Fail – and How to Revive ThemJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceSummer 2019
Top 5 Compensation Cost, Holdings and Future Stock ReturnsShareholder Value AdvisorsSeptember 2018
Say on Pay: Is It Needed? Does It Work?Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceWinter 2018
Aetna’s $640 Million CEO is Overpaid by $440 MillionSeeking AlphaDecember 2017
A Portfolio of Long Short-Short Pairs Based on Pay for PerformanceSeeking AlphaJuly 2017
Pay for Performance at S&P 1500 CompaniesSeeking AlphaJune 2017
The Evolution of Executive Pay Policy at General Motors 1918-2008Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceWinter 2017
A Better Way to Measure Operating Performance (or Why the EVA Math Really Matters)Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceSummer 2016
Measuring and Improving Pay for Performance: Board Oversight of Executive PayHandbook of Board Governance2016
The Alignment Gap Between Creating Value, Performance Measurement and Long-Term Incentive DesignIRRC Institute2014
The Three Dimensions of Pay for PerformanceWorldatWork Journal4Q 2013
Three Versions of Perfect Pay for PerformanceJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceWinter 2014
How “Competitive Pay” Undermines Pay for Performance (and What Companies Can Do to Avoid That)Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceSpring 2013
Achieving Pay for PerformanceConference Board Director NotesDecember 2012
The ISS Pay for Performance ModelShareholder Value AdvisorsMay 2012
Comment letter to SEC on pay versus performance analysisShareholder Value AdvisorsApril 2012
Assessing Pay for PerformanceConference Board Director NotesOctober 2011
Comment letter to SEC on pay versus performance analysisShareholder Value AdvisorsOctober 2010
Six Factors That Explain Executive Pay (and Its Problems)Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceSpring 2010
How Executive Pay Lost Its WayDirectors & Boards2nd Quarter 2010
What Investors Need to Know About Executive Pay (preliminary version)Journal of InvestingSpring 2010
The Incentive Problem Behind the Financial CrisisNACD DirectorshipFebruary/March 2009
Wealth Leverage: A Key Governance ToolCorporate SecretaryJuly 2008
How to Strengthen Director IncentivesDirectors & Boards4th Quarter 2007
Improving Executive PayDirectors MonthlyNovember 2006
Incentives and Investor ExpectationsJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceWinter 2006
Top Management Incentives and Corporate PerformanceJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceFall 2005
The Director’s Wealth Leverage Is InsufficientDirectors & BoardsSummer 2002
EVA® and Its CriticsJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceSummer 1999
Does VBM Discourage Investment in Intangibles?Shareholder Value AdvisorsSpring 1999
The Measurement of Post-Acquisition PerformanceJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceSummer 1998
EVA® and Shareholder ReturnFinancial Practice and EducationSpring/Summer 1997
EVA® and Market ValueJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceSummer 1996
Total Compensation StrategyJournal of Applied Corporate FinanceSummer 1995
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